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Best iPhone for the price

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Why spend 1000+ dollars on a new iPhone when it’s more worth your money to buy an older one? See the best iPhones for the price.

Best iPhone for the price

There are many iPhone generations on the market today – some are so old that they have become dangerous to buy – but some of the older generations gives more value for the money than the brand new models.

We all know that Apples phones are way to expensive compared to most Android phones. All iPhone also have poor antenna quality in common and in general a poor battery life.

The battery did get a rather big face lift on iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max but the poor antenna quality still has a huge negative impact on battery life and other features on the phones. So you still have to deal with poor battery life and antenna quality on a phone that cost 1.000 or more dollars.

However, the nice thing is, that when a new iPhone generation hits the store, older generations get a price cut. Normally around 100-150 dollars. Because the starting price is so high the older generation iPhones are still pretty pricey but way cheaper than the newest models.  

A good thing about Apple is that they are very generous when it comes to updating iPhone with new iOS versions – the iPhone 6S is more than four years old and it has actually recieved the newest iOS 13. This means that older and way cheaper iPhones are still up to date.

I have reviewed basically all iPhones since the first one arrived i 2007. The million dollars question is: Which iPhones are best for the  price?


iPhones with most value for the money

#1 iPhone 6S
Total score: 43/100
Price level: 290 dollars / 250 euro

Compare prices on iPhone 6S

#2 iphone 6S Plus
Total score: 43 / 100
Price level: 410 dollars / 350 euro

Compare prices on iPhone 6S Plus

#3 iPhone 7
Total score: 46 / 100
Price level: 490 dollars / 420 euro

Compare prices on iPhone 7

#4 iPhone 8 Plus
Total score: 63/100
Price level: 680 dollars /580 euro

Compare prices on iPhone 8 Plus

#5 iPhone 8
Total score: 54/100
Price level: 660 dollars /560 euro

Compare prices on iPhone 8

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Recommended iPhone

Maybe you are wondering where phones like iPhone 5S and 6 are – they must be cheap as old as they are?! Well, they are cheap but also of poor quality, especially on the camera – too poor in my opinion.

Another thing, and this is important: they are so old, that they won’t recieve iOS updates in the future – security wise that could become dangerous for you. This also goes for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus – so I can’t recommend buying them.

If I had to choose one of the iPhones from the list I would choose iPhone 8 Plus. Okay display, fine camera and fast navigation speed. – But you could also choose one of these Android alternatives:

Huawei P30
Total score: 88/100
Price level: 590 dollars / 500 euro

Compare prices on Huawei P30

Samsung Galaxy S10
Total score: 86/100
Price level: 860 dollars / 740 euro

Compare prices on Samsung Galaxy S10

Motorola One Zoom
Total score: 80/100
Price level: 410 dollars / 350 euro

Compare prices on Motorola One Zoom


Apple has improved on battery life on the new iPhones, but it’s still too poor and the same goes for the antenna quality and the price is way to high. Choose an older and cheaper iPhone instead – the difference in quality is not that big – but it is on price – or choose a better og cheaper Android phone.  

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