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Best iPhone for you – depends on your needs

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If you are looking for a new iPhone which one should you choose if you want the best? – it depends on your needs. See our guide to the best iPhones for you.


Best iPhone – for you

There are many different iPhones on the marked seize and price wise mainly but also partly spec wise. Which iPhone is the best for you depends on your needs.


iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the phone to choose if you don’t care about the price and seize and are a heavy user of all kinds of digital services that needs a great display. And the display is big and beautiful on 11 Pro Max, the user interface is fast and powerful and even the battery capacity is great although the poor antenna quality still impacts the battery life in a negative way. The camera is among the best on any phone.

Instead of choosing the expensive 11 Pro Max you could go for the cheaper XS Max but there are some compromises, mainly on battery life. It is way poorer on the older version – also – the camera quality is fine but not on par with 11 Pro Max.  But over all you get more value for the money with the older model.

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iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro is the more compact and smaller version of the Max version. The display is smaller, to small for heavy video streaming and online gaming with it’s 5,8 inch display, but its way more handy than the Max version and it’s a phone for people who wants an iPhone but not for heavy use  – and who still have a lot of money burning in their pockets.

The user interface is fast and powerful as well, the camera is among the best on any phone. The battery capacity is decent for this kind of phone seize – not compared to the price however.

The cheaper Xs or even more cheaper iPhone 10 could be fine alternatives with better value for the money.

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iPhone 11

If you want to go cheap – even though there is actually no such thing as cheap in  Apple country – there are a few alternatives.

The newest is iPhone 11 with a fairly big display but phones like iPhone Xr and iPhone 8 are among the best choises if you want a cheap iPhone for basic phones usage; calling, texting, social media, taking pictures, reading news and streaming music – video and gaming is not optimales on these kind of phones.

Almost finally, two warnings: All iPhones have poor antenna quality which affect battery, perfomance and voice quality in a negative way – don’t buy older phones like iPhone 7 as it will only get one more iOS update – 6S and older will not recieve updates anymore after iOS 13. This means that they will be a security risk in the future.

And now completely finally – you might believe that iPhones are fine phones – they are in some aspects – but so are many much cheaper Android phones. Just saying…

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