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Top 10 best phones – antenna quality

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Great display, powerful chip, high data speed – all these nice things are pretty useless if the antenna quality sucks – and it sucks on many popular phones. See guide to top 10 phones with best antenna quality.

Phones with best antenna quality

Antenna quality is a highly underrated feature on phones – poor antenna quality means poor connection to the mobile network and you will experience a poor mobile coverage using your phone – both in rural areas and in cities with concrete buildings and enviromental friendly windows.

Poor antenna quality also means the phone has to use more power to stay connected to the mobile network – using more power means using more battery. Using more battery – well, that means your phone will stop working at a higher speed.

Scientific studies has made clear that there is a clear coherence between sar value slash mobile emission and antenna quality. With several hundred phones on the marked it can be a drag to find the phones with the best antenna quality – but don’t start crying – I have done al the work for you.

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Yes, many popular phones are not on the list. Especially Apple values design over antenna quality which is a shame and all iPhones have poor antenna quality but there are also many Android phones that don’t prioritize antenna quality high enough.

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