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Top 20 Best Camera Phones

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There are more than 300 phones on the market – here are the top 20 best when it comes to camera.


The top 20 best camera phones

The best camera phones delivers amazing image and video quality but also cheaper mid end phones surprises us from time to time with nice looking images and videos in difficult light settings and situations.

A great camera must perform well on: colours, sharpness, exposure, noise, flash, bokeh, wide angle, stabilization and so on.

The top 3 best camera phones in my opnion delivers so high quality that they are worth paying extra money for but otherwise the camera quality in general is pretty close for all the other models. But the price is not. There are huge differences when it comes to pricelevel –  and the cheapest phones on the top 20 best camera phones list more or less delivers the same quality as the much more expensive ones.

See the full list in the video in top of the article.

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The camera on a phone is important for not just me but most people. And I’m willing to pay extra for one of the top 3 best camera phones so I can get the best image and video quality. If you for some reason don’t want one of those you should’nt just buy an expensive phone – sure, it will probably give great camera quality as well but many cheaper phones  will do the same.

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