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Top 5 best phones for children

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What should you look for when buying a phone for your children and which phones are best for kids right now? See our guide on what you should pay extra attention to before buying a smartphone for your kids + see our recommendation to top 5 best phones for kids.

Top 5 best phones for kids

There are so many phones on the market today – more than 300 and I have testet a great bunch them on quality. Mostly I test them based on how grown ups use phones, but my testing system is build so it’s easy also to recommend the phones for certain groups – like kids.

But what is a good phone for kids?

You have to consider these things:

  • Sar value
  • Antenna quality
  • Battery life
  • Display
  • Price

Sar value

Sar value is important for many things on a phone. So far scientifically based studies have not found any danger from mobile radiation, but World Health Organization (WHO) still recommends to be extra cautious on this matter when dealing with kids because of their still evolving skulls.

The lower sar value the less radiation and less brain cancer risk for the kids.

Antenna quality

High sar value also have a negativ effect on the antenna quality. Do you want your kids phone to have the best possible connection to the mobile network so you can always get in touch with them  – then it’s important to choose a phone with a low sar value.

Have in mind that iPhone – no matter what model – have some of the highest sar values on any phone today – and are sickingly pricey!

Battery life

The sar value leads us to battery. High sar value has the effect that the phone has to use more power to stay connected to the mobile network – thus needing a higher performance which again has a negative effect on battery life.

Battery life is an important feature on phones for kids – the kids game a lot or watch youtube videos, both battery consuming features. So if you don’t want your kid’s phone to run out of battery to fast you better go for a phone with long battery life.


Wether you want it or not – your kid is going to look just as much on the phone as you do – especially for gaming and videos. Be nice to your kid and give it a phone with a decent display – full HD will do it on a 6 inch screen or bigger.


Yes – as always in all things in life – the price is important when buying a phone for your kids. Keep in mind that kids are much more careless and reckless with their things – seeing cracks on a 1.000 dollar phone is the stuff nightmares are made of – when you have to paid for it! The good thing is – there are many cheap phones with high quality.

Top 5 best phones for kids

Samsung Galaxy A7

  • Sar value: 0,33 W/kg
  • Antenna quality: 8/10
  • Battery: 7/10
  • Screen:8/10
  • Price level: 160$ / 140 euro

Nokia 7 Plus:

  • Sar value: 0,22 W/kg
  • Antenna quality: 9/10
  • Battery: 8/10
  • Screen: 7/10
  • Price level: 160$ / 140 euro

Nokia 7.1 – score:

  • Sar value:0,26 W/kg
  • Antenna quality: 9/10
  • Battery: 7/10
  • Screen:7/10
  • Price level: 270/230

Xiaomi Redmi 6

  • Sar value: 0,55 W/kg
  • Antenna quality: 7/10
  • Battery:6/10
  • Screen:6/10
  • Price level: 270/230

LG V30

  • Sar value: 0,38 W/kg
  • Antenna quality: 8/10
  • Battery:8/10
  • Screen:9/10
  • Price level: 450 /400

Which phone is best for kids?

Personally I would choose the Galaxy A7. Its cheap and performs fine on the most important kids related features.

LG V30 could be the more expensive choice if your kids are a bit bigger and maybe looking for a new phone to replace the one they have now – its about two years old but it’s still awesome!