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Top 5 best phones for old people, I mean the elderly!

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The grey gold – people at a certain age – should not compromise on quality when buying a phone even though they might not use it as much as younger people. See guide to the top 5 best phones for the elderly.


Top 5 best phones for old people

There many phones on the market – and I have testet most of them. I also talk with people to understand their needs when it comes to phones. Also people in the age group you could call the grey gold – see my guide to top 5 best phones for the elderly and why these phones are the best.  

On SmartphonesRevealed.com I compare qualities and current price levels on most phones out here – and I test them from head to toe. I also judge the phones on how well they perform for a certain group of user, for example the older adults.

A great phone for that age group should have a fairly big and sharp screen (because their eyes have been used a lot during a long life) – the battery must last long (because they remember when a phone lastet for weeks on a full charge –  the camera should be good -(as they have a lot of free time and often travel or are surrounded by grandkids) – and the price should not be monstrous – because most elderly remember the harsh times and are what I would call cost conscious

Here is my collection of five great phones for – okay lets say it as it is – old people.

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Top 5 best phones for old people

Sony Xperia XA2 – score: 64 / 100
Price level: 190 dollars / 160 euro
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Samsung Galaxy A50 – score:
Price level: 330 dollars / 290 euro
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Motorola Moto G7 Plus – score:
Price level: 380 dollars / 320 euro
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Nokia 7.1 – score: 72 / 100
Price level: 410 dollars / 350 euro
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Huawei P30 – score: 88/100
Price level: 710 dollars / 600 euro
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