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Any online media may freely – and without any further acceptance from SmartphonesRevealed.com – download videos from SmartPhonesRevealed.com and use them as part of their own editorial content. This includes adding advertising to the video and rights to combine any editorial comments to the video.

Free use of our videos only requires that there is a source reference in the form of a link to SmartphonesRevealed.com. A source reference and a link must however be included in the body text underneath the video player and/or in the body text in a related article.

Disclaimer: SmartphonesRevealed.com takes no responsibility if any legal issues or demands should occur due to your publishing of our videos.

Any questions concerning the use of our videos can be addressed to Stein Jürgen by a mail to info@mobilaps.dk

You can download the video from the following URL: