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First review and hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / 10+

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Samsung has just launched Note 10 and Note 10+ – both impressive phones but I’m struggling to see why I should buy them. Here are our first impressions and review of Galaxy Note 10+ and Note 10.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Review and hands-on

Display and design

Note 10+ is of course the main course from the new Note series menu. It got a mindblowing 6,8 inch display med 2K Super amoled, and a very little punch hole at the top of the screen for the selfie camera – no pop up selfie camera as on the pretty recent A80.

6,8 inch display – that is huge! But as there are hardly any bezel around the screen its actually quite fitting in the hand – its not as big as you might think. And to be honest – and you have to be honest says the big man upstairs – this almost bezel free design looks astonishing. 


Four cameras – improved video recording

The backside. Here we find four cameras – one is a time of flight camera – also known as ToF –  for better bokeh effects and also for better AR experience. I basically have not had a good AR experience so far on any phone, will a AR focused camera make up for that? We will have to see as we could not try it on the model we got our hands on. Note 10 – without the Plus do not have this time of flight camera. 

The video camera got a new function called Live Video Focus for bokeh effects on videos – pretty nice if you need to blur the background. Audio Zoom is another function which let you focus the mic and audio recording on a certain person or object for better sound from that source. Maybe not an interesting function for most people.

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S-pen with strange function

Speaking about redundant functions. With the almight S Pen – which both phones have – you can now zoom and swipe on the phones display with the s pen in the air. Yes ma’am and yes sir – we have just witness the most stupid function so far on a phone in 2019.

But not all is bad news when it comes to the s pen. It can now be up to 40 meters away from the phone – pretty nice as you can use the pen to change page in presentation. That can be convenient  – and you can charge the pen for 10 hours usage in just six minutes. 


Good and poor battery capacity

The battery capacity on 10+ is 4.300 mAh which is fine – not great – its a big screen you know and there is a 25 watt charger in the box. if you want faster charging you can buy a 45 watt charger for the phone.

The standard Note 10 with 6,3 inch display only have 3.500 mah – the is actually 12,5 per cent less than on Note 9. another thing that is not on the standard note 10 – memory card slot. Only on the 10+.

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Price for Galaxy Note 10+ and Note 10

The price for Note 10 starts is 945 dollars and the Note 10+ starts from 1.099 dollars. I was actually thinking that could have been worse thinking about the rumours we heard ahead of the launch – but it is a huge price tag. Even though ecspecially Note 10 + looks amazing I for now can only say wait buying it till the price drops. I simply can’t see how it should be worth your money with all the other great phones on the marked right now at a much lower price. 

There is also a 5G version of the phone for 1.300 dollars but most people will not get a chance to take advantage of that before next year – and honestly – most people really dont need 5G on a phone.

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