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Foldable phones – should we be exited?

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A wet tech dream is starting to pull off – foldable displays in mobile seize.  but what are the advantages with a foldable phone and why should we get exited about them?

Foldable phones – bigger and better

For decades we have seen many outrageous takes on phones with foldable displays in movies – see some of my favorites in the video above.

Crazy stuff but maybe not that far out science fiction any more – we are finally seeing the first phones with foldable display on the market. The first foldable phone to hit the market is Samsung Galaxy Fold and others are about to come – but what is a foldable phone and why should we get exited about them?

First off – the display can be bigger than on a traditional phone while you can still have it in your pocket.  Fold together they are a bit thick and do not fit in shirt pockets – but trousers – no problem.

And big displays are just better for many things: Of course gaming and videos but also for reading magazines and news – it all just looks better on a bigger display. It finally means that we can bring a unit with us on the go that can give us a full entertainment experience without also bringing a tablet.

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Better for multitasking

A big fodable screen is also a dream unit for people who loves to multitask – or have the need for it. You can easily have 2 or 3 apps running on the same screen at the same time which can be very practical for work or for private use, where you search for something on the internet, calculate the price and compare to another product. If the future with even bigger screens you can do even more at the same time.

This kind of multiasking has been possible on phones as well with two apps running at the same time but it just makes more sense on a big screen and its definitely more user friendly.

That is not the same thing as saying you can work on a foldable phone as you can on a laptop – because you can’t. It will work fine for simpler task but the big screen display will mostly be for consuming, not producing.

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New design formats in the horizon

Maybe more important in the broader perspective is that foldable phones show the consumers that they can expect more than just the usual boring looking phones we have gotten used to the last 9-10 year. In the good ol’ feature phone days there were so many different form factors to choose from – not all where practical but it was more fun.

Maybe consumers again will start asking for a more design diversitive range of smartphones when they see what is possible with a foldable phone. Will we see some of the outrageous formats that we have seen in movies – sure, one day – when the price is lower and the technology has evoled.

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The biggest problem for foldable phones – the price

The biggest hurdle right now for the first foldable phones is the price. Starting price from 2.000 dollars – this is way more than most people are willing to pay – until apple introduces a foldable phone to 3.000 dollars – then 2.000 dollars is a nice price tag…

But as demand rises and the technology to produce foldable display evoles the price will fall. I do believe that foldable phones are the future – hopefully also a mainstream future sooner than later.

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