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How to activate and deactivate speedometer i Google Maps

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Google Maps Speedometer is a nice little function to keep track on how fast you drive. See how to activate and deactivate Speedometer in Google Maps.

If you use google maps as your main navigationssystem in the car its nice to see how fast you drive. You can do that with the speedometer function in Google maps. If you dont want the function to use space on the screen, you can turn it of. 

  1. You need to update to the newest version of google maps. An easy way to see if you have the newest version is simply to find Google Maps in Play Store. If it says open you are good to go – otherwise you have to update. 
  2. Press the Settings icon at the to to the left.
  3. Scroll down and choose Settings.
  4. Scroll down and choose  navigation settings. Again – scroll down and activate Speedometer by pressing the grey button to the right which then turn blue.

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If you go back to the main screen in Google maps you can now see the speedometer. Right now it only works on Android but my guess is that it will soon come to iOS as well.

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