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How to activate Dark Mode on iPhone

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iOS 13 gives you true Dark Mode on iPhone with a black background and white text  – see how to activate Dark Mode in iOS 13 for iPhone in the most convenient way.

True Dark Mode comes with iOS 13 that can run on iPhone 6s to iPhone 11 and it instantly flips the colors to dark with a true black background and white text. This is good for your eyes and brain in the evening and it also helps with the battery life.

To toggle dark mode, open Control Center and tap and hold on the Brightness bar. In the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a new Dark Mode toggle. Tap on it to switch to the Dark mode.

But you can also set up a regular schedule for Dark Mode. Go into Settings > Display & Brightness. Hit Automatic below the Light and Dark options so the toggle turns green. Then tap Options which will let you choose a schedule based on sunrise and sunset, or one based on specific times of day – Custom Schedule. That’s a much more convenient way of using Dark Mode.

I have demonstrated Dark Mode on iPhone 11 Pro Max but it works on all iPhone.

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