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How to activate smart lock på Android

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Smart lock on Android keeps your phone unlocked at certain safe locations so you do nit have to unlock your phone all the time. See how to activate smart lock on Android.

Smart lock on Android can keep your phone unlocked at by you chosen trusted locations and is one of the very first functions I activate when I recieve a new phone. The function works on all Android phones but can be hidden in different places depending on which phone you have. The most easy way to find it is to just to search for ‘Smart Lock’ in settings.

You can choose between ‘on-body detection’, ‘trusted places’, ‘trusted devices’ or using ‘Voice Match’. I normally use trusted places or devices. A place could be work or home and when I’m there I then don’t have to unlock the phone every time I want to use it at these safe places.

When I leave the places the phone then need to be unlocked as normal using a pin code, fingerprintscanner or pattern.

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