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How to take Night Mode photo on iPhone 11 Pro

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How do you take night mode pictures with iPhone 11 – both the regular and the Pro-models? See how to guide.

The best new camera feature on iPhone 11 is the Night Mode – the function is per default activated and decides by it self when to be used. It suggest how many seconds it needs to take the Night Mode picture but you can also adjust yourself or turn it off.

It really does make a difference when taking pictures in the dark. In the video above you can  see a picture taken with 11 Pro Max without Night Mode being used and then a picture with night mode in action. Two completely different pictures.

It is possible to turn the function of if you don’t want to use it – see how in the video. The new iPhones are great camera phones and the Night Mode function is an important camera  feature.

Night Mode was demonstrated on iPhone 11 Pro Max but it also works on iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11.

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