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Motorola Razr 2019: First review & Impressions

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The new Motorola Razr is big time nostalgia and at the same time it has a modern look and feel – but the specs and price – it’s a bit risky what you are doing, Motorola…

First review & impressions: Motorola Razr

Back in the good ol’ day – 2003, 2004, 2005 – before the big display phones started to become mainstream in 2007 – you could look pretty darn cool answering a phone call. Today with the modern phone you look kind of not so cool…

And it’s this coolness from before things started to erupt that Motorola wants to resurrect with the new foldable Razr.

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Designwise its a different take on how foldable phones can look than say Samsung Galaxy Fold og Huawei Mate X. Closed it’s a small phone – fits in my palm and its more or less identical with the 2004 model.

There is a small display on the front for answering calls, sending messages and so on. You can actually do a few things with the phone closed. In the buttom we have the fingerprintscanner.

The hinges look a bit fragile at first look but when you put your hands on the phone you realize they are well build.  The mechanism feels great and solid and Motorola actually say that it’s a phone you should treat like any other phone – unlike Samsung who urges the Galaxy Fold-owners to handle the phone with care – extra care.

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The display is 6,2 inch folded out. Pretty standard compared to bascially all other phones today. The plastic display is folded very softly in the middle so you can actually not see the fold  – That’s very nice made.

How ever: The resolution is rather poor: HD resolution, that’s too low on a modern phone with big display.  There is a bit too much bezel around the display for my taste and as the navigation in Android is done at the buttom of the phone there are some challenges on that front with the big chunk.

The big chunk at the buttom contains the speaker and it’s actually a quite good speaker.

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The main camera is only one camera – not two or three and the sensor is the same as on Motorolas own Moto G7 Plus – so it’s a bit outdated.

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User interface

The user interface is classic Motorola – very clean Android with a few of their own features – my favorite – chop the hand fast and active the flash light.

Because of the clean Android UI I can accept that there is only a Snapdragon 710 chip in the phone – are you a hardcore gamer it will however feel a bit to the weak side.

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What worries me most is the battery capacity . 2.510 milli amp hours. 6,2 inch display. we use the phone for many things from we wake up in the morning till bedtime. Motorola says there is a fine balance between battery and phone usage in general – maybe because some features work on the small front display the battery actually will last for a whole day.

The phone only uses e sim – so if you’re interested in this phone you have to buy it from an operator that support e sim for both voice and data.

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Conclusion – for now

So – mediocre specs – what about the price? Well, not so mediocre. Motorola is known for its great value phones but The Razr cost 1.500 dollars – more than the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max and many others of the very best phones on the market.

Its a cool looking phone, the new Motorola Razr, but it’s pretty risky to charge 1.500 dollars for at phone with the specs it has. If I was you, I would wait till the first reviews of the phone comes around before putting your money on this phone.

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