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OnePlus 7T Pro – first hands-on and review

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OnePlus 7T Pro is the new high level phone from the chinese phone company – see first hands-on and review of OnePlus 7T Pro.

First review of OnePlus 7T Pro

The new OnePlus 7T Pro is a part of a series with two new phones and it is the best phone so far from the company. The million dollars question is if it is worth buying.

In short the phone got a 6,7 inch display with 2K resolution, HDR10 support and so on. The top feature for the display is the 90 hz update – this gives a more smooth experience than on phones with 60 Hz which is the standard display-update. 7T Pro is a strong contender to The Phone With The Best Display 2019.

The camera has been updated so it has 3 times optical zoom. There is also ultra wide angle – both for video and pictures.

The price for OnePlus 7T Pro will be between 850 and 900 dollars. The phone will be sold from october 17th.

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