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Review – iPhone 11 is too expensive & too poor 

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The new iPhone 11 series is here – has Apple finally stepped up or is it yet another dissapointing launch? See our first review of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

iPhone 11  – first review

Many had the lowest expectations ever for a iPhone launch so there was actually room for positive surprises. Myself – I had also low expectations based on the historic iPhone launches with only minimal steps forward.

I was sceptical about these things:

Poor battery life – the battery has been relatively poor in all historic iPhones

Poor antenna and mobile coverage – A poor antenna quality, High SAR value / emission. iPhone 11 is NOT for children. It will be a scary phone with high radio emissions (SAR-Value).

High price – Needless to say. Everyone knows that iPhones are extremely expensive compared to other smartphones.

And I am still sceptical when it concerns antenna quality, mobile coverage, radio emission and the price level… I am however glad to see that the battery capacity has been improved.

Lets have a look at the new iPhone 11 series – we focus on 11 Pro and Pro Max.


The design is the same. 5,8 and 6,5 inch screen. The back is a bit different due to the three cameras – but it does not look as butt ugly as first feared. They are also improved on water protection – 4 meter deep water for 30 minutes can they handle now in stead of 2 meters. Most people probably couldn’t care less.

Triple camera

Finally – a triple camera set up in an iPhone – just as I predicted. Apple off cause praised the camera to the skies and the image and video quality they demonstrated looked very nice – but one thing is what they show – another thing is how it looks in reality. There are still only 2 times optical zoom – many other Android phones that are much cheaper have 3 or 5 times optical zoom.

There is also night mode now – but you cannot turn it on by yourself, the camera decides when to use it – that is a turn off. The selfie camera is a little bit better with 12 megapixel and can record video in slow motion – slofies, Apple call it.

Can the camera match Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, the best camera phone right now? I doubt it.

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Much improved battery life

I almost could not believe my own ears when Apple said the new iPhones have 4 and 5 hours longer battery life than the previous generation. Normally the battery improvement is only 1 hours, so that’s a big step forward for Apple.

Apple will also finally include a quick charger in the box, until now you had to buy one yourself – But again: Many other much cheaper phones have included a quick charger for years.

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Poor antenna quality and mobile coverage

The antenna quality has always sucked – big time – on iPhone. A poor antenna quality is all so the case for iPhone 11.

This means poor mobile coverage and high mobile emission – If you live in rural areas or in older residential projects of concrete, you better think twice before ordering iPhone 11 or any other iPhone model for that matter.

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Price is still too way high

Of course the iPhone 11 Pro phones are the most powerfull iPhones and phones ever with the new A13 Bionic chip, they are more powerfull than most laptops – but most people don’t need all that power in a phone and you yet again end up paying for power you simply don’t need.

And the price is ugly as always starting from 999 dollars for iPhone 11 Pro and 1.099 dollars for 11 Pro Max – that is way to expensive compared to the best phones on the market.

As soon as I get my fingers on the new iPhones you can find my test result and reviews of them on SmartphonesRevealed.com.

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