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Save money on premium phones – see what you should do

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If you want a great premium phone without paying big buck you should look at last years top phones – they are still great – among the best phones on the market – but are cheaper. See why last years premium phones are still great and how much you can save on popular phones in our guide.

Yes – you want a cheap but still great phone? Then buy last year’s topmodel and make a great bargain. If it’s no so important for you to have the newest and hottest phone on the planet you can save 100 of dollars by buying one of last years topmodels – the awesome thing is that you will still get a great phone.

If you want the newest and most premium phone today you have to dig deep – and I mean deeeep – into your pocket. 1.000 dollars or more for a premium phone is sadly not uncommon anymore – but there is a great mechanism when it comes to buying products. The older a product gets the cheaper it gets – especially when is comes to phones. And the great thing is – even if the phone is one year old it’s still a great phone.

Phones from last year have big screens with high resolution; they have fast navigation speed and are user-friendly; they have powerfull batteries with fast charging; they have great camera for both pictures and videos – and I could continue the list.

Last years topmodels came with so great features, that they are still great – but cost much less compared to this years topmodels that in some cases only is a tiny bit better. Let’s see how much money you can save by buying last years topmodel instead of this years topmodel at some of the most popular phone brands.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S10

Price level for Galaxy S10+:
1.100 dollars – Score: 91/100

Price for Galaxy S9+:
750 dollars – Score: 88/100
You save: 350 dollars or 32 %

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Apple iPhone X vs Xs

Price level iPhone Xs: 1.300 dollars
Score: 73/100

Price level iPhone X: 1.000 dollars
Score: 67/100
You save: 300 dollars or 23 %

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Huawei P20 Pro vs P30 Pro

Price level Huawei P30 Pro: 850 dollars
Score: 88/100

Price level Huawei P20 Pro: 600 dollars
Score: 79/100
You save: 250 dollars or 31 %

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Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Xperia 1

Price level Sony Xperia 1: 1.000 dollars
Score: 85/100

Price level Sony Xperia XZ3: 750 dollars
Score: 80/100

You save: 250 dollars or 32 %

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OnePlus 6T vs 7 Pro

Price level OnePlus 7 Pro: 850 dollars
Score: 83/100

Price level OnePlus 6T: 600 dollars
Score: 77/100
You save: 250 dollars or 30 %

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In some cases you could argue that it’s better to buy the newest premium-model instead of last years becuase there are some rather big improvements but it is clear that you can save big bucks by buying a top phone from 2018 instead of a new one from 2019.

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