Match smartphones to your needs

There are more than 300 different mobile phones and smartphones on the market and they come in all qualities and at all price levels. I am Stein Jürgen and I test and evaluate mobile phones for their functionality, quality and price. I have put together a tool that makes it easy to compare mobile phones and help you find the phones that matches your needs. Please use our comparison tool and specify which phone characteristics that are most important to you and see which phones best suit your quality requirements and wallet.

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Click on the button to find the smartphones that best suit your specified quality requirements and needs. When you click on the button you will see a ranking of the best mobile phones and along with their current prices.

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Test and evaluation of smartphone quality and prices

I test and evaluate most of the mobile phones that are available on the market. My tests focus on testing mobile phone characteristics, such as; Design & materials, user-friendliness, battery life, display, camera, user interface, data speed, gaming experience, conversation quality and antenna quality.

Tests are concluded with my assessment of each quality parameter, awarding a rating of between one and ten, ten being the best. The mobile phones are tested for all ten characteristics, so each telephone will have a total rating of between 10 and 100, 100 being best.

Mobile signal emissions and current prices are also added as filtering parameters, which makes it possible to look up mobile phones based on specific price ranges and SAR values.

I frequently update all mobile phone ratings as new phones come to market and as general technological developments impact the relative quality level of each phone. The best camera phone in 2015 may not necessarily (relatively speaking) be the best camera phone in 2018 etc.

Mobile phone prices are updated daily and are retrieved from telecommunications companies and web shops specialising in the sale of mobile phones, which also ensures a good basis for the comparison of specific, up to date mobile prices.

My tests and evaluations are typically based on phones received by our editorial team well before they become available on the market. Phone testing and reviews are independent, in that neither I nor the editorial team receives money directly from mobile phone manufacturers, telecommunications companies or other parties. Testing and reviews of new mobile phones and smartphones are at the sole expense of the editorial team. Tests and reviews are based solely on my ratings and how I, as mobile expert at, rank each individual mobile phone in relation to other mobile phones and smartphones.

Kind regards
Stein Jürgen

Before buying your next phone

Before you buy a new mobile, it is a good idea to think about what your actual needs really are. There is no reason to rush out and buy the newest iPhone, unless you absolutely insist upon and are willing to pay what they cost. Actually, there are many cheap mobile phones on the market that are better. A new mobile you never heard of can actually be surprisingly good, very cheap and cover all of your needs.

Your next smartphone does not have to be an Apple that costs a fortune for it to be the best phone for your needs. The market is still being flooded with new mobile phones that can and will do more than Apple phones and prices of really good new mobiles are constantly getting cheaper.

My testing and assessment of the mobile phones on the market reveals that you can find top quality phones that only cost half the price of the newest iPhones. So choose your next phone on the basis of your quality requirements and needs and not just because it’s an Apple. The problem with iPhones is that they are both very expensive and a relatively bad habitual purchase.

Smartphones does not need to be the smartest on the market

Why pay an unnecessary amount of money for the newest iPhone that is too smug for your needs? The newest Apple costs up to 1.900 USD or 1.600 EUR, but iPhones are not that smart, bearing in mind their price. An okay smartphone need not cost much more than 300 USD or 270 EUR and the top 30 best smartphones on the market all currently cost between 470 USD / 370 EUR and 1.100 USD / 1.000 EUR, which is considerably cheaper than the newest iPhones.

If you are looking for a new smartphone, it is therefore a very good idea to take your actual needs and quality requirements as a starting point and compare mobile phones on that basis. And people’s needs can vary greatly; You might personally be looking for a new smartphone with a long battery life, a good camera or a good quality antenna, or you may be looking for a new phone with low mobile signal emissions (SAR Value) that is suitable for children. You might be looking for a new mobile phone that satisfies multiple quality requirements at the same time.

Needs and quality requirements can vary greatly from user to user, depending on who is paying and who is using. I’ll just leave that there for you to ponder over. A new smartphone need neither be smart nor cost a fortune to be right for you, your children or your good old mum.

Mobile phones are still getting better and cheaper

What applies to Smart-TVs, PCs and most other tech products and gadgets, is also applicable to new mobile phones; They get better and cheaper all the time, so you therefore get much more mobile phone for your money today than you did just a year ago. There is evidence to suggest, however, that this rule does not apply to Apple’s most recent mobile phones.

An iPhone today costs up to 1.900 USD, which is three times more than it would cost to buy a PC or Smart-TV, or what you would pay for new mobile phones from competing mobile phone manufacturers. The Danes appear to have an almost religious fervour for iPhones, since 41 percent of Danes carry an iPhone in their pocket.

As a mobile phone tester, the rationale behind this completely escapes me. Or, if I was to be a bit more provocative, the sheer lack of rationale. New mobile phones arrive in Denmark as in the rest of the world every month, in a cascade of high quality products, but only the launch of the latest iPhones are able to create headlines and publicity all across the media. This is a real pity. There are lots and lots of new mobile phones that are both better and cheaper than the over-popular, over-priced iPhone. Comparing mobile telephones and matching them to your individual needs can be an eye opener and save you a create deal of money.

The difference between smartphones and mobile phones

Which phone you should choose and which mobile is really best for you? A smartphone or a mobile phone? There is a huge difference between smartphones and mobile phones. Smartphones are typically defined as being advanced mobile phones, packed with tech such as Internet, GPS and other features. Mobile phones are typically characterised as being simple and easy to use wireless phones that can do little more than make calls, send text messages and play simple games.

There are many phones available on the market, to suit every taste and every requirement. You can often get the impression that telecommunications companies only sell the latest and most advanced smartphones, but this impression is very misleading. A closer look at what telecommunications companies have on offer reveals that a good selection of simple, good quality mobile phones is still available.

Many web shops also sell traditional mobile phones that can do little more than make phone calls and send and receive text messages. There are over 300 different smartphones and mobile phones currently available on the market, at quality levels and prices for every need and every budget.

It is therefore a very good idea to start on the basis of your own needs and quality requirements and compare mobile phones that match your individual needs. You will certainly also be positively surprised how much money you can actually save.

Compare mobiles and mobile prices

As mentioned above, there are over 300 different mobile phones and smartphones on the market right now. It can therefore be very difficult to find the mobile phone that best suits your needs, quality requirements and budget.

It has therefore been my ambition to put together a tool that works as a simple and efficient guide to mobile phones and the best mobile prices, a tool that makes it easy to compare mobiles based on your personal needs, quality requirements and what you are willing to pay.

Mobile prices are updated on a daily basis and include current phone prices from many European and US based telecommunications companies and multiple web shops.

Each phone listed on has a price tag. The listed price for each phone is derived as the average price based on current prices from all the retailers that we monitor. Our price tags on phones are thus only guiding price levels.

Compare phones with and without subscriptions

The best mobile prices can easily be achieved, both with and without a corresponding mobile subscription. Using our tool allows you to compare mobile phones both with and without subscriptions, and to find the mobile phones that are the best match for your requirements.

  1. State your needs and quality requirements in the above tool and compare mobiles that match your requirements.
  2. If you buy your next mobile phone from a telecommunications company with a subscription, it is a good idea to buy the phone with a mobile subscription that matches your actual mobile consumption.
  3. If you purchase your next mobile phone without a subscription, it is also a good idea to make sure that your current mobile subscription also matches your mobile consumption.

Actual mobile consumption and current mobile subscription prices should therefore always be the starting point, regardless of whether you are getting a mobile phone with or without a subscription. The best mobile price for your favourite mobile could be either with or without a mobile subscription. By comparing the mobile phones which suit your requirements, you can also find the best price for your next mobile.