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Smartphones with the best antennas

Telecommunications companies are often blamed for poor mobile coverage and slow internet on the phone, but telecommunications companies are often entirely blameless. Often, poor mobile coverage and slow internet is experienced since the antennas in mobile phones are, basically, of a very poor quality.

Mobile phone manufacturers often sacrifice a good mobile antenna in favour of a small, attractive design. Neither are mobile phone manufacturers required by law to inform consumers about antenna quality. The result is damaging for many people. Especially those living in rural communities. They thought they bought a racer fast smartphone, but what they experience is a slow turtle grasping for an internet connection.

Manufacturers appear to have free range to equip mobile phones with a poor antenna, but Professor Gert Frølund from Aalborg University has proved a clear link between mobile radiation (the SAR-value of the phone which mobile phone manufactures are bound to give information on)  from cell phones and the antenna quality. The higher the mobile radiation (SAR value), the worse is the quality of the mobile antenna.

Therefor I have applied the phones SAR value in my assessment of mobile phone antennas. The listed phones are ranged on antenna quality (the value for the antenna is the reciprocal of the mobile phone SAR value). The higher the score, the better the antenna.

/Stein Jürgen

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