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Motorola Edge+ review:

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Motorola Edge+ is the first real premium phone from Motorola since, well for ever. It’s one of the greatest looking phones ever made but you also have to pay big bucks for the phone. See our test with pros, cons and price + and three awesome alternatives.

Motorola Edge+ review

Motorola paved it’s way back to the smartphone market with great budget phones. So far the best phone has been Motorola One Zoom, but it w as still not a premium phone. But an amazing phone for the price.

And now it’s time for Edge+ – the first premium phone ever from Motorola.

Design & display

First of all it has outstanding design. It’s actually not build in outstanding materials – gorilla glass 5 and an aluminium frame is pretty standard. But the curved screen and the nice colour sure does make it stand out.

The phone is not waterproof but splash resistant.

The display plays an important role on this phone. It’s 6,7 inch big and takes up 95,8 percent of the front. That’s a lot – minimal waste of empty spaces on the front.

The display type is OLED – the finest you can find when we talk display. The resolution is ful HD, not 2K as on other premium phones.

But the 90 Hz refresh rate makes it look fresh and fast with nice colours and great sharpness.

The highly curved display pisses some people off. It doesn’t bother me, gaming and video streaming for example works fine.

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User friendliness & Navigation speed

One of the best things Motorola has done since they returned to the smartphone market was to stick to the almost 100 percent clean android user interface. It’s also almost stock Android on Edge+. Combined with the powerful Snapdragon 865 and 12 GB RAM you get an extremely powerful phone.

Motorola has promised that the phone will get both Android 11 and Android 12 and maybe even Android 13. That’s awesome and unusual in the Android universe.

Powerful chipset, 12 GB RAM, stock Android and the promised Android updates will make this phone worth using for many years.

Yous can also get some extra controlling when playing games. That works pretty nice.

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What I really love about this phone is the powerful battery. 5000 milli amp hours. That’s a lot.

Thanks to the stock android user interface and battery optimized Snapdragon 865 makes the battery last for a long time. 2-3 days between charging is not unusual.

The charging could be faster. There’s a 18w charger in the box and because of the big battery it takes almost two and a half hour to charge the battery from 0-100 percent.

But it’s still nice to know that 30 minutes of charging will make it possible to use the phone for a whole day.

  • 5 minutes – 4 percent
  • 10 minutes – 9 percent
  • 15 minutes – 14 percent
  • 30 minutes – 29 percent
  • 60 minutes – 59 percent
  • 2 hours and 21 minutes – 100 percent

If you want to charge wireless that is possible with 15w.

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Motorola has fallen for the marketing trick with many megapixels. 108 megapixel on the main camera. Samsung did that as well and regretted it. And it’s also no advantage on Edge+. Lesser megapixel would have been just as fine. The other three cameras have 8 megapixel  – for telephoto with 3 times optical zoom and 16 megapixel for ultra wide pictures, and finally there is Time of flight function on the last camera for depth pictures.

Other camera techniques worth mentioning is phase detection autofocus and optical image stabilization. Videos can be recorded in 6K.

Enough spec talk. Is the camea any good? It is. It’s good, not totally on par with the very best but more than good for most user.

Let’s see some pictures taken in different scenarios.

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The price level for Motorola Edge+ is around 1.100 dollars or 1000 euros. You have to dig deep, almost iPhone deep to get your hands on this phone. And it also have some of the iPhone problems.

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Antenna quality

It’s foremost the antenna quality that is the problem. The sar value is high and the antenna quality low. As always – if you are staying in cities and areas with good cellular networks coverage you will experience the connections as fine. But it still has to work harder to ping for the signal than phones with better antenna quality. This will put pressure on the phones performance and battery life.

There is no room for memory card – but it does have 256 GB of memory, so…

The display is heavily curved – it looks good, but can be a distraction when play or watching movies for some user.

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There are many great alternatives to Motorola Edge+. Maybe not as great looking but just as good or better and maybe even cheaper.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Oppo A92

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So finally a premium phone from Motorola. But is it as great as other premum phones with this price tag? I would say so. It may not boast with the same amount of premium specs as others but it focus on the most important features.

Display, user interface, battery capacity and camera. I’d prefer a higher antenna quality – but it’s still a great alternative if you are on the look out for something different than just the usual iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etcetera phone.

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