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OnePlus 7T review – a great update

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OnePlus has released three new phones the last few weeks, 7T, 7T Pro and 7T Pro Mclaren Edition. The cheapest is 7T and it’s also the most interesting of the new phones.  See our review of OnePlus 7T with pros and cons and the best alternatives.

OnePlus 7T review

It’s only a few months since Oneplus released the 7-series and now they already have the T-update on the shelves. There are three phones in the 7T series – the best update is by far the 7T model.


It’s a nice looking phones – nothing disturbing for the eye, it’s simply a nice looking phone. The blue colour especially looks pretty awesome. It looks like the phone is made of metal, it feels nice in the hand with the curvy design but its slippery and I need a cover to get a firm and safe grip around the phone.

The phone is not water proof – no ip-certification. But OnePlus promises that it can handle rain – if you put on a cover its even more protected.

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The display was one of the big things on the 7 Pro when it was launced earlier this year – because of the 90 HZ display update, which gave a really nice fluid expericence when using the display – gaming is really nice on this kind of display.

Normally phones only have 60 Hz update so that was a rather big thing. OnePlus 7 did not have 90 Hz display update, only 60, but that is changing with 7T – its great to see Oneplus giving the cheaper version this update. The display is 6,55 inch big, has full HD resolution,  and supports HDR 10.

All these features gives a great display,among the best on a phone -probably the best on a phone at this price level.  Another great thing about the display is that OnePlus has reduced the amount of blue light  – blue light is bad for your brain and sleep when you use your phone in the evening.

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Navigation speed + User-friendliness

More and more phone companies try to trim the user interface on their phones – give the most optimized Android experience possible. No bloatware, no own produced apps – simply pure and clean Android.

This is also the case with OnePlus. They keep the UI as simple as possible but do also deliver some of their own solution. My favorite is the silent button on the right side.

The phone has Android 10 from the start and Oxygen OS and among the news in Oxygen OS is better unlock, full screen gestures, game space with all games, data optimization when gaming online.

It’s powered by Snapdragon 855+ and 6 GB RAM – more than enough for a great, fluid experience.

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Over the years OnePlus has tried hard to convince us that they have great cameras in their phones – but they don’t. Good, but not great, not compared to the best camera phones.

But things are changing – 7T actually has by far the best camera in a OnePlus phone. In most situations it takes pictures with high quality – I especially like portrait photos and selfies. But also pictures shot in the dark and wide angle pictures are looking great.

See picture and video quality in the video at the top of this review.

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A quick take on battery life. Battery capacity is fine, 3800 milli amp hours. but the best thing is the charging speed – in one hour – boom – from 0 to 100 percent. And 30 minutes gives whooping 70 percent battery.

I won’t say that the battery life is great when the 90 hz display update is activated – then it’s pretty stanard – it gets significantly better when using 60 hz.

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One last thing I have to say a few words about – gaming. The 90 hz display gives a great gaming experience – more fluid and sharp than normal. The phone also have a special gaming mode where you can choose different settings to optimize the gaming experience.

For example to answer calls with the speaker, better details in light and dark areas, improved haptic feedback, automatically choose the best network when playing online and of course we have Fnatic mode. With fnatic mode all the power in the phone is focuced on gaming.

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The price for OnePlus 7T starts from around 600 dollars or 500 euro. Thats a great price for a great phone. Now, it can not all be pure cake as we say in my native language. There is also wormwood in the cup – as another saying goes directly translated – meaing: It’s not all just great. There are also a few cons.


  • The biggest con on 7T is the antenna quality. The sar value is high, 1,04 to be precise. This is iPhone level and iPhones are known to have poor antennas – this is not just something I say, it has been proven by science.
  • This futher means poor voice quliaty when talking on the phone and it also effects the battery and perfomance in a negative way.
  • The phone is not IP certified – its not waterproof or dust proof by official standards.
  • It’s rather slippery so you need a cover for the phone – a shame since it’s really a nice looking phone.
  • There are no head phone jack – only USB-C.

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In my opinion OnePlus 7T is over all a great bargain but there are also other good alternatives – here are three of the best right now.


OnePlus has also launched 7T Pro but it’s a eenie meenie tiny update compared to 7T and the 7T is bassically just as great a phone – and 7T is 100 dollars cheaper. there is also the 7T Pro McLaren Edtion with 12 GB RAM and some McLaren design gimmicks but that is another 100 dollars more expensive.

7T is by far the most interesting phone from the new Oneplus 7T batch series with great updates on display and camera and it’s one of the best phones on the market right now.

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