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Review: iPhone XS Max

Posted in Reviews on by Stein JürgenDownload .

iPhone XS Max is the best iPhone so far with great screen and fine camera but its antenna quality is among the poorest on any phone, battery life is horrible and the price is far out crazy! See our review of iPhone XS Max that also includes three great and much cheaper alternatives.

iPhone Xs Max review

iPhone Xs Max is the best iPhone ever and it is the biggest news from Apple since iPhone 4 but there are a few critical low points on this phone.  I have a love / hate relationship to iPhone – well okay, there is most hate. The first generations were no go for me – then came iPhone 4 as a complete break through – I loved it, also iphone 4s. The next couple of iPhones was overshadowed by big screen Androids – and the plus models and the iPhone 10 where either to clumsy and expensive or just insanely expensive. Enter iPhone Xs Max – still insanely priced but it is the best iPhone ever made.

Design and display

So, the best iPhone ever made. That are big words to some but it really is in most aspects. I have testet the phone in many categories, here are those where it is best.

The 6,5 inch big amoled screen is amazing with fantastic vibrant colours and the sheer seize of the screen is simply amazing because at the same time the phone itself is not that big – it actually fits great in both hand and pocket. The big screen is great for movies, tv shows, gaming and basically everything you normally use your tablet for – so bye bye iPad!

The phone is well build and it’s nice it’s more waterproof than all other phones on the marked – you can drop it in 2 meter deep water for 30 min. It’s nice to know it can handle even the most powerfull shower or if something unexpected happens!

UI and navigation speed

The phone is driven by Apples A12 Bionic chipset and that is one of the other key elements on the phone. The user interface is of course fast thanks to A12 chipset, but it is for the gaming expericence, that this phones really kicks ass.

We are still waiting to see the next generation games that can unleash the power of the A12 but Apple have shown us what is coming and it looks amazing.


The camera is great – not best as you might believe looking at the pricetag – but it sure does take some amazing pictures and there are some nice improvements on pictures taken in the dark and when using the portrait mode.


The price for iPhone Xs Max starts from 1100 dollars – if you buy it from a carrier you might find it cheaper. However: It is a nasty price tag and even though it is the best iPhone yet it is clear that it’s not worth the money when you start looking at the negative stuff on this phone.

  • The antenna quality is among the poorest on any phone. Scientific studies – from for example Aalborg university i Denmark – have proven that there is clear coherence between mobile emission – known as sar value – and antenna quality. High sar value, poor antenna. and the sar value is high on iPhone Xs max. Poor antenna quality might not effect you when you are on a cafe down town in a big city scrolling through your Facebook feed but do you live outside the cities it will be extremely annoying with poor antenna quality.
  • Poor antenna quality also has a negative effect on battery life. With a battery capacity that is up to 25 percent lower compared to the best phones on the market the battery life on iPhone Xs Max will be poor.
  • Speaking about the positive stuff I mentioned gaming – the phone is great for gaming – as long as it has battery – so gamers be aware of the poor battery life.
  • There are to many ways to navigate in the user interface – it is confusing
  • The screen is said to be even more durable than Gorilla Glass – so why did I find scratches on the screen after a few days?
  • There is fast charging on the phone – but no fast charger included in the box – that is to cheap Apple!
  • And where is the headphone jack adapter – that’s also taken away.
  • Finally of course on the negative side, the third big low point – the price – it is shocking!


iPhone Xs Max is the best iPhone so far – but that says more about the previous models.  There are so many other great alternatives on the marked right now, most of them for half the price of this monstrous phone.

  • Huawei mate 20 pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • LG V30 (Best value)


iPhone Xs Max has a great screen, powerful chip, fast user interface and lovely camera  but poor antenna quality and battery life + an insane pricetag sums up to thumbs down. I’m not saying you are stupid if you buy it – but is sure is a stupid decision.

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