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Review Nokia 7.2 – a cheap and fine phone

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Can a phone that cost 350 dollars compete with the very best phones on the market? No, of course not, but Nokia 7.2 with Android One is a really nice phone for the price.  See review of Nokia 7.2 with pros and cons + three alternatives.

Review of Nokia 7.2

On some features there’s a huge gap between the best and most expensive phones – on others features the difference is not that big. And the Nokia 7.2 is perfect example of this. It’s a cheap phone with some great features and some not so great.


Nokia 7.2 got a design as classic as any other phone with a big display – it’s fair to say that Nokia did not spend too much time creating a unique design. That’s fair enough considering the price. There is glass on the front and back and it’s a bit slippery – a cover is needed for a firm grip.

It’s nice with the headphone jack but actually more nice is the bottom to activate Google Assistant – that is a convenient way to activate  it for users who are not that familar using voice control.

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User friendliness

Nokia 7.2 is an Android One phone. Nokia is one of the very last phone companies to keep using Android One. But that is a good thing for Nokia because there are some fine advantages with this. It means quick updates, at least two big android updates and three years of security updates. The security level should be on level with what most enterprises demand and it can be a shortcut for Nokia to gain big attention from that market.

The user interface is otherwise very simple, as clean Android as possible and even though it’s not the most powerfull phone the navigation speed is high. This is due to another advantage with Android One – it’s build to secure a good experience even though it’s a cheap and not very powerfull phone.

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Battery life

And we are not finished talking about Android One. As the phone does not need much power to give a smooth experience and there are hardly any features too suck the battery dry  the battery life is very decent even though the battery capacity is not that impressive. 3.500 milli amp hours is a bit to the low side on a phone with a big display but I typically have 20-25 percent battery life left at bed time.

It takes about two hours to charge the battery from 0-100 percent with the charger included in the box. Tha’ts pretty slow…

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The display is not as good as what we find on Samsung galaxy S10+or OnePlus 7T Pro for example. But for the price it’s actually better than we could expect. 6,3 inch big, full hd+ resolution, HDR10 support, always on display and of course Nokias own PureDisplay technology that optimizes the display quality.

It’s simply a fine display – no matter if  you look at the price or not.

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The camera in phones has evolved a lot the last two years and even cheap phones have seen some great camera updates. Nokia 7.2 has three cameras with 48 + 8 + 5 megapixel med Zeiss-technique, phase detection autofocus, bokeh effect, wide angle and video in 4K – videos recorded with full HD can use Electronic image stabilisation (EIS).

In most situations the camera takes fine pictures. You can see picture and video quality in the video at the top of this article.

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The price for Nokia 7.2 start from 350 dollars or about 300 euro. That is a sharp price for a phone with such high quality. But here are some cons on Nokia 7.2 – there will be because of the price.

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It starts with Android 9 and not 10 – it’s pretty easy to promise two big Android updates on that background.

If you are looking for a great camera phone this is not the go to phone –  its decent enough, but not good.

The 10 watt charger is dissapointing – two hours to charge the battery from 0-100 percent is, well, slow.

The phone is not IP certified – its not waterproof or dust proof by official standards.

Its rather slippery so you need a cover for the phone.

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The fight among cheap and good phones is bloody and crowded – there are many good phones on the market at a great price level. Here are three:


For the price Nokia 7.2 is a fine phone but you are not gonna get blown away by it’s features. Its user-friendly, has fine navigation speed and the Android One part with swift updates is nice in this price range.

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