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Review OnePlus 8 Pro – finally a premium phone

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OnePlus has finally manned up and launched a true premium phone with OnePlus 8 Pro – but it also affects the price so the million dollars question is – is it worth the money? See our review with pros, cons and price + three great alternatives.

OnePlus 8 Pro is the first true premium phone from the chinese phone company. It took six years to grow up and become a man – or woman – or anything between. Six year to grow up and deliver true premium specs almost in all categories. This doesn’t mean that its perfect – but it’s clearly the best phone ever from OnePlus.

Review OnePlus 8 Pro


In my opinion the display is one of the top three most important things on a phone – especially the big ones. And the display on OnePlus 8 Pro is amazing. It’s almost like entering a magical world. The 6,78 inch big Super AMOLED display has amazing colours, great 2K resolution and 120 hz refresh rate.

It’s just an awesome combination if you are looking for one of the absolute best displays ever on a phone.

Maybe you are wondering about the 120 Hz refresh rate – is it as awesome as people say. Yes it is – take a look at the difference.

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The stunning display also makes it stand out as a gaming phone. It among the very best gaming phones at all right now – top three contender and for the price and general overall experience I would go as far as to say: the best.

Big display, powerfull chipset, tons of RAMs, the special Fnatic mode to secure full phone power to games when gaming – it’s simply dosn’t get any better.

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OnePlus 8 Pro is a premium phone with a premium camera – but it’s still not on par with the very best camera phones. The Huawei P40 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Ultra phones are better – but the gap is closing.

There are four cameras on the back with 48 + 8 + 48 + 5 megapixels. Combined with optical image stabilization, 3 times optical zoom, HDR and many other features we have a great camera.

Videos can be shot in 4K and it’s as capable of shooting good looking videos as any other premium phone.

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The battery capacity is 4.510 milli amp hours. That’s very fine and all – good battery life, 1-2 days full power, fast charging with full charge from 0-100 in just an hour and a bit.

The big news is that this is the first OnePlus phone with wireless charging. We have been waiting for this feature for ages. OnePlus has refused to give it to us because the technique was not great enough – booh hooh. Look at me, it’s not good enough for me. But actually they have a point. Wireless charging has been a rather slow way to charge our phone. With Oneplus 8 Pro it’s not. You can charge wireless with Warp Charge almost just as fast as with cable.

This is pretty awesome and to be honest worth the wait. Here you can see how fast OnePlus 8T can charge.

  • 5 minutes: 14 %
  • 10 minutes: 30 %
  • 15 minutes: 43 %
  • 30 minutes: 73 %
  • 1 hour og 6 minutes: 100 %

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Let me finish with a few words on the design. We have the first ever waterproof IP68 certified phone from OnePlus. You can drop it under water without getting a heart attack. Pretty, pretty great.

As the display is 6,78 inch big its a rather big phone. And it’s also slippery. I actually need a cover for a firm grip. That’s a bit annoying since its actually a beautiful phone. Yes, I have to say beautiful – at least in the Glacial Green colour version. It’s an amazing colour.

By the way – I still love the physical Alert Slider on the side for silent, vibration or sound mode.

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The price for OnePlus 8 Pro starts from around  900 dollars or about 800 euros.

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The antenna quality is the big draw back on this phone. You wont experience any trouble staying in touch with the cellular network in cities but on the country side, cities with small populations and long between basestations you will experience trouble with speaking on the phone or surfing the internet.

The antenna quality will also have a bad influence on the battery life and performance in everyday use. Luckily it’s a powerful phone – both on battery and performance but it could have been even better with just a decent antenna.

As great as the 120 Hz display refresh rate is I experience that it sucks the battery dry much faster than when using 60 Hz. So use it carefully.

It’s build in slippery materials and a cover is needed for a firm grip. A shame for such a great looking phone.


Let’s sum up. Screen, camera, battery life, navigation speed, gaming experience. Simply Amazing. Antenna quality not so amazing. But over all it’s the premium phone you should buy right now if you want high quliaty without digging too deep in your pockets.

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