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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the best phone ever produced and for once the high price is more or less justified. See our review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with pros and cons and three great alternatives.

Samsungs Note series have always given us the true flagships from the korean phone company. They are stuffed with the newest and most powerful hardware and are in general amazing phones – but they are not for everybody as the are also big and expensive. Note 10 + is also powerful and expensive but no as big as feared with its 6,8 inch screen – and its very close to be worth every single penny.

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


Galaxy Note 10+ is as sleek a phone as they come. It’s nicely build with an aluminium frame and glass on both front and back – it’s waterproof and dust proof.

But – where is the power buttom?! I was schocked when I realized it was moved to the left side of the phone. This is – well – not devastating but annoying at least for some time. It’s simply natural for my thumb to search for the power buttom on the right side. But congrats to the lefties – they are in for a treat!

If your like colours then choose the Aura Glow version – the colours on the back changes according to the colours around you – really nice.

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It’s sure as amen in the church – when Samsung releases a new Note phone the display experts from DisplayMate announces that it has the best screen ever seen on a phone – that same goes for Ntoe 10+.

And they are more right than ever – the 6,8 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2K resolution HDR10+ display with Gorilla Glass 6 on front and back simply is amazing. The best ever display on a phone – at least for some time…

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Samsung have gotten some bad ass competition on the camera front from Huawei lately and with Note 10+ I do feel that Samsung could have done a bit more. There is still only 2 times optical zoom where P30 Pro has 5 times optical zoom – in just a few weeks Mate 30 Pro will be announced and it might have 10 times optical zoom.

But still – Note 10+ has an amazing camera setup with three cameras on the back plus a Time of flight camera for bokeh effect – both for pictures and videos. There’s also a super super steady function for videos that is really effective.

See picture and video quality in the video at the top of this review.

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I have a mission – a mission you make people more aware of the consequences of poor antenna quality. It’s a lonely mission but I’m on it for you. Poor antenna quality equals poor network coverage on the phone with poor voice quality and data connection.

It also means it need to use more juice to keep the connection – it needs to use more chip and RAM power which again means higher battery usage.

Note 10+ has the best antenna quality on any high end phone I have ever testet. The sar value is more than 5 times lower than on iPhone and much lower than on any other direct competitor on the marked. As I said – I have a mission to highten peoples awareness when it comes to antenna quality – with Note 10+ I have found my master so far.

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Battery life 

I’m glad I was not in charge of the battery production for Note 7 – but who ever is in charge now is confident enough to put at 4.300 milli amp hour battery in Note 10+. The battery easily last for two days and I can charge the battery for one full day usage in just 30 minutes. It’s not insanely fast to go from 0-100 per cent –  around 1 hour and 26 minutes.

There is a 25 watt charger in the box – I have seen more powerful chargers for phones at this price level but it’s an okay capacity.

5 min – 9 %
10 min – 20 %
15 min – 32 %
30 min – 52 %
60 min – 68 %
1 hour 26 min – 100 %

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S Pen

So the S Pen – a unique feature since the very first Note-model. It has of course recieved new functions over the years. The best news this time is that it can now be up to 40 meters away from the phone and still be connected – pretty nice as you can use the pen to change page in a presentation shown on a big board.

And you can charge the pen for 10 hours usage in just six minutes. Another feature is that  you can now zoom and swipe on the phones display with the S Pen in the air – but I cannot always get that to work.


The price for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ starts from 949 dollars. That is a huge price tag for an Android phone but compared to iPhone XS Max it is still much cheaper. And the things I can critizise are very small, very hard to find.

There are no head phone jack – only USB-C  but there is a AKG headset in the box
I did wish for more optical zoom than just 2 times
The fingerprint scanner could be quicker
The placement of the power buttom.

Note 10+ scores lowest on user friendliness – that’s mainly because it is a big phone so it’s hard to use it with one hand. How ever – this is probably not a phone you buy because you want a phone for easy one hand use – its a phone you just have to accept needs two hand use, even though it has Samsungs One UI –  optimized for big screens. If this is a deal breaker for you, then look for another phone.

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If Note 10+ is too expensive for you maybe these three alternatives are what you are looking for.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Motorola Moto G7 Pro (great deal)


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is simply the best phone ever produced – it’s amazing on all important criterias: Design, display, camara, battery, antenna and so on. I always recommend to hold your horses when a phone as expensive as Note 10+ comes around but considering the high quality of this phone I’m sooo close to say it’s worth every penny!

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