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Match two mobile phones against each other

Are you uncertain which is the better mobile phone for you. We offer a comparison tool which allows you to select two phones and match them against each other. Compare qualities and price levels on phones that you consider buying. Our tool gives you a clear overview making it easier for you to choose your next phone.

Select the two phones you want to compare


Mobile phones are compared on the basis of ten different quality parameters, defined and rated by mobile phone expert, Stein Jürgen. Current price levels are updated daily and are retrieved from telecommunications companies and webshops in EU and US.

iPhone, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, OnePlus or another phone

Compare iPhone with Samsung and see which mobile is the best and cheapest for you. You can also go one step further and compare an iPhone with a Huawei phone, to see how much you can save on your next mobile phone. If you are an idealist who favours individuality, it would make sense to compare OnePlus with iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony or with any other mobile manufacturers on the market.

There are over 300 different mobile phones on the market, offered by well-known mobile phone manufacturers like: Apple (iPhones), Samsung, Sony, Huawei, OnePlus, Nokia and Lenovo, and a number of relatively unknown mobile manufacturers such as: Xiaomi, Emporia, ZTE, Hama and 12 to 15 other manufacturers.

The many phones and the many mobile phone manufacturers on the market provide plenty of opportunities to compare the various phones with each other. Compare iPhone with Sony, Samsung with OnePlus, Huawei with Samsung or Sony with Motorola.

Because there are so many people in the western world (35 percent) who carries an iPhone in their pocket, it also makes very good sense for them to compare iPhone with Sony, compare iPhone with Samsung, compare iPhone with Huawei, compare iPhone with OnePlus or compare iPhone with any other mobile phone on the market. People with iPhones will be surprised to see how many good alternatives there is on the market.

By comparing mobile phones and matching them up against each other, the only risk is that you will find the best mobile to suit your actual needs and budget. Above you can individually specify two different mobile phones that you want to match for quality and price. Hopefully, you will learn more about which mobile phone is best matched to you and your quality requirements.

If you are in doubt about which mobile phones you should compare, we can give you tips to point you in the right direction: iPhone v Samsung, iPhone v Sony and iPhone v Huawei is a good start. Solid, recognised mobile manufacturers who are behind the popular, good quality mobile phones. It is a good idea to match: Samsung v Huawei, Samsung v Sony and Samsung v OnePlus.

Which mobile phone should you choose?

If you are still unsure which mobile phone to choose after a direct comparison between two selected phones, it may be a good idea to use our tool which allows you to specify your needs and quality requirements and use them to find the best mobile phone that suits your requirements and budget.