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Get the best price on your favorite smartphone

The selling price on a smartphone tends to drop as the model matures on the market. In fact, the selling price on most phones tends to drop a few weeks after market launch – Compare price history on all smartphones and get your favorite phone when the price hits rock bottom.

The table below shows the price history on all smartphones on the market and the price levels are updated daily. The prices are derived from hundreds of European and US based carriers and web shops – Keep an eye on daily price fluctuations and save money on your next phone.

Price history and day-to-day changes in price levels

Select the daterange that you want to compare:

Price history on mobile phones are updated daily and derived from hundreds of European and US based carriers and web shops. Phones with the largest drop in price since the day before are listed the top of the table. Use filters to see individual set price history.

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A sudden price drop can make a poor phone much better

The beautiful thing about price drops is that the quality stays the same. The price level on a phone will eventually drop but the phone will always have its initial quality. So, when the price on a phone drops the quality/price ratio goes up meaning you get more quality for the money. The longer a phone has been on the market, the better the phone will become when measured and compared on how much quality you get for the money – The price history on a phone can indicate when its time to make a good deal.

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