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Overview on test results, evaluation and price levels on popular phones. Most popular phone on the market is . The best phones for the money are; , and . The best price on changes daily. Check price comparison sites for todays best price.

Stein Jürgen has tested and evaluated all listed phones. Test results, evaluations and current price level of specific phone is listed above.

Listed price levels are based on average prices from EU and US based carriers and hundreds of EU and US based webshops selling phones. The listed price for each phone is only guiding. The prices are up-dated daily.

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We recommend that you compare prices on in order to get the best possible price and offer on your favorite phone. Best way to compare prices on phones is to check out current prices and offers on international price comparison sites that compare prices on phones.

is the best phone on the market

Test result and total evaluation of is /100 which makes it the best phone on the market today.

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Best phone for the money

Smartphones from that offers most value for money currently is; , and .

If you are looking for a phone with high quality at a low price. Then these mobile phones could be the answer as they are the best smartphones from when looking at how much quality you get for the price (Quality/Price ratio).

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Low Cost or Budget phones from

The cheapest phones on the market is; , and . These are low cost budget phones from . They are basic phones and you can’t expect them to perform well in test results. Low cost budget phones are cheap, but you can expect them to function as good and reliable mobile phones for texting and plain phone calls.

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