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How to lock your Android Phone with screen pinning

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Lock your phone with Screen Pinning when someone borrows it. See how to activate and use Screen Pinning on Android.

Lock your phone: How to activate and use Screen Pinning on Android

Sometimes someone wants to borrow your phone for some specific reason – you can do that without fearing that person sniff around in your phone looking for personal stuff with the function Screen Pinning on Android.

Go to Settings > Security & Location and press Screen Pinning and turn the function on. The function can be turned on always so you only have to do this once.

When screen pinning is on, you’ll see an option to ask for your PIN, pattern, or password before unpinning. Remember to turn that on otherwise the function is pretty worthless.

Now you find the screen you want to pin. Press the App overview icon, choose the app or screen you want to pin and press on the three small dots. Now its pinned.  For example the person who borrowed your phone is now locked in the browser app.

To unpin it you press the back and overview icon at the same time and then your password.

This function was demonstrated on OnePlus 6 but works on all Android phones with Android 5 or newer.

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