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How to see signal strength on Android and iPhone

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If you experience poor connection to the mobile network you can easily see for yourself how the phones signal strength is to  the network.  How to see signal strength on Android and iPhone.

How to see signal strength on Android and iPhone

I always advise people to buy a phone with a proper antenna quality – a phone can be smart as hell but if there is no mobile coverage it’s just a stupid – and expensive gadget.

Poor network coverage can be the reason if you experience poor mobile coverage on your phone but the antenna quality is also an important factor.

The sar value for your phone tells a lot about the over all antenna quality but you can actually also see how the signal is right now at ths very moment.

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How to see signal strength on Android

On Android: Go to Settings >System > About phone (on some phones you have to press status > network).  Finally you  can see the signal strength here on you phone under SIM Card.

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How to see signal strength on iPhone

On iPhone it’s a bit more inconvenient: turn off wifi first of all. Then open the phone app and enter the following numbers and symbols: *3001#12345#*

In this FIeld Test menu you choose LTE, the this menu called “Serving Cell Meas.” Here you should look for “rsrp0,” which is the Reference Signal Received Power for the tower closest to you. Next to rsrp0 you see the signal strength.

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Signal strenght scale

The scale, which is an international scale, goes from -40 to -140. -40 is almost impossible to reach and 140 is the same as no singal.

If the signal strength is -54 to -85 it’s very good. From -86 to -104 it’s acceptabble. From -105 to -115 ths signal is poor.

If you all time experience a poor signal strength, try changing phone and even phone brand – if that does not help, maybe you have to change to a different operator and network.

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