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iPhone 11 rumours – and expectations!

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The clock is ticking, september is coming – soon its iPhone time – here’s how the new iPhone 11 will look and be according to the rumours about design, display, camera, battery life, antenna quality, pencil and price.

If we are to believe the rumours about iPhone 11 it’s gonna be a boring update and we hope Apple have a surprise or two up their sleeves. As I have said before – chances are small for that and it will probably just turn out to be a stressful mess to watch the launch – but we hope for the best.

The Name – iPhone 11 Pro 

First of all – the name might change. Some medias call it a huge name change – it will change everything. But it wont. Apple are rumoured to go from iPhone 11 to 11 Pro and from 11 Max to 11 Pro Max. I think most people can handle that change.

And the name really doesn’t matter – its what on the inside.

Design and display

I believe that iPhone 11 will keep the same design as Xs and X – its a nice design, no reason to change that. Hopefully the screen will fill more on the front so the phone itself will be a bit smaller.

Another thing we hope for is that he big notch on top of the screen will disappear as well – at least be smaller.

Rumours have it, that the Max-model could get a 6,7 inch screen – but most rumours say 6,5 inch just lige XS Max. I believe that as well – Apple will save the big shots for next years iPhones.

This also means: The standard version will have a 5,8 inch screen and the cheaper and less good version will have 6,1 inch screen. It will be strange if Apple change the other screen sizes if they don’t change the screen size on the big Max-version.

I would also love to see a fingerprintscanner under the screen from Apple – we really need some improvement on this in general.

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Finally – a triple camera set up in an iPhone. At least I hope so. We have seen what difference it makes with a dedicated camera for ultra wide angle and telephoto shots.

We have seen phones with 10 times optical zoom – that will not happen on iPhone 11 but 3 times optical zoom should be realistic. I believe its realistic with triple camera setup and 3 times optical zoom.

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This next rumour I hope will turn out to be more than just a rumour. 11 Max will have a 3.650 miili amp hour battery and 11 will have a 3.110 milla amp hour battery – around 500 milli amp hours more than on last years models.

This would be a huge step for Apple – Unfortunately I have my doubts on this matter. I have for many years had high hopes for higher battery capacity on iPhone but so far Apple have dissapointed users across the globe.

Byt the way: Fingers crossed for a quick charger included in the box – but again – Apple will probably again be to cheap and make you buy one yourself.

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Antenna quality

The antenna quality has always sucked – big time – on iPhone. There are no rumours on any improvement on this matter. I always hope that Apple will improve it but that would be an even greater sensation than seeing lower prices on this next generation.

There are no rumours on the internet about this – I think its fair to believe the antenna quality will suck as always.

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Apple Pencil

Rumours also have it that Apple will introduce their Pencil on the big Max-version of iPhone 11.  A case maker have shared pictures of a forthcoming case for iPhone 11 Pro Max where there is room for a pencil.

I remember when the late Steve Jobs mocked other phones for having a pen – he thought – rightly I think – that you should be able to use a phone without using a pen. That was many years ago before big screen phones and more user friendly userinterfaces came around. It could be interesting to see what Apple believes you could and should use a pen for on a phone.


Rumours have it that Tim Cook will increase the prices on iPhone 11 to compensate for the surging iPhone-sales around the world. Apple have more money than me and any other company in the world so who am I and other to judge that way of handling surging sales – it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how much Apple believe people are willing to pay for an iPhone.

The launch for iPhone 11 is expected to be tuesday september 10th and sale will start no later than september 23rd – that’s a friday.

When they arrive to can see reviews and prices on all the new iPhone 11 versions on smartphonesrevealed.com.

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