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Review: Samsung Galaxy A50

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Samsung Galaxy A50 is a perfect combination of form, function and price and its the most interesting phone from Samsungs new A-series. See our review of Samsung Galaxy A50 with pros and cons and three great alternatives.

Review Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung have had quite some problems recent years with Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo and other phone companies who produces great mid and low end phones and they just kept on loosing big chunks of global marketshare to these newcomers. And Samsung didn’t really know how to handle them – until they came up with the new galaxy A-series of phones – a great line up of low, mid and also high end phones with – in most cases – great price tags.

In my opinion the A50 is the most interesting as it’s a great comeback for Samsung in the low or mid end segment. 


The perhaps most amazing thing about the A50 is the display. A phone this cheap does not normally have such a great display. It’s 6,4 inch big med full HD+ resolution. That’s not uncommon specs – but Super AMOLED screen on a phone at this price level is unheard of. 

It’s simply an amazing big display with great colours and contrast and it reacts fast when touching it.


A feature that hardly no one comments on is the antenna quality. It’s many times better than on iPhone and other expensive phones and also way better than on most phones from Xiaomi and Oppo for example.

The sar value is low, 0,27 w/kg – the sar value for a phone like Oppo F11 is 1,32. That does not only have a negative impact on antenna quality – it also has an impact on performance and battery life when the antenna quality is poor.

With the Galaxy A50 you can expect to have connection to the mobile network where most other phones must give in.

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Of course A50 can’t compete with the best camera phones on the market – most expensive phone have great camera and there is a diffenrece compared to phones with a price level as a50But it’s still a rather fine camera we find in the phone.

Before we see some pictures shot with the Galaxy A50, let’s enjoy some camera specs – triple camera with 25 x 8 x 5 megapixel, aperture from 1.7 ultra wide angle and phase detection auto fofus. It’s pretty nice with ultra wide angle on a phone like this.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 is a pretty fine phone for gaming thanks to the big and very nice screen and it handles most games without any fuss – also graphically challeging games. 

The sound is average but in most case you either play without sound or with headset.

Battery life 

The battery is with impressive 4.000 mAh. Of course the display is huge but most other cheap phones have weaker batteries so 4.000 milli amp hours is a very decent capacity. The battery easily last two days.

There is a 15 watt charger in the box – I have seen more powerful chargers for phones at this price level but it’s an okay capacity. It takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes to charge the phone from 0-100 percent.

  • 5 min – 6 %
  • 10 min – 11 %
  • 15 min – 17 %
  • 30 min – 34 %
  • 60 min – 68 %
  • 1 hour 25 min – 100 %

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The price for Samsung Galaxy A50 starts from just a bit more than 300 dollars and it is an impressive price for a phone where I really struggle to find the big deal breakers.

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The phone does not support wireless charging – that could be annoying for those who has gotten used to this way of charging.

The screen only comes with Gorilla Glass 3 – it’s some years ago this screen protection came from Corning – do yourself a favor – put some screen protection on the phone.

The biggest draw back on Galaxy A50 is the fingerprint scanner under the screen- It sucks – big time – mainly because it’s so slow. In stead I use face unlock or smart unlock and safe places to keep my phone unlocked when I’m home or at “work”.  


It is difficult to find true negative stuff on Galaxy A50 but if Samsung is not your thing maybe these three alternatives are.

  • Motorola One Vision
  • Huawei Mate 20 lite
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

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Samsung is truly back in the game again. Their high end phones have always been great while their mid and low end phones have struggled and caused problems for Samsung the last 3-4 year. Galaxy A50 shows that they are back – the low price combined with great screen, antenna quality and batterylife + the fine performance on camera, navigation speed, user friendliness and gaming makes this one of the very best phones right now if you want a good phone at a low price.

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