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Review: Samsung Galaxy S10+

Posted in Reviews on by Stein JürgenDownload .

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is overall a fantastic phone with great qualities on all parametres with great design, long battery life, amazing display, fast navigation speed and good antenna quality – but we are still not sure if it is worth recommending. See three alternatives to the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ was one of the most anticipated phones for a long time from Samsung and it’s a brilliant phone and could easily be crowned as the best phone 2019 – but is it a bit to pricey? – see our review with pros, cons and price.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ – a huge phone in many ways: Big screen, great camera, powerful battery, fast navigation speed – and a huge price tag. I’m basicallly willing to pay extra for awesome features and functions but am I willing to pay more than 1000 dollars for this phone – Or should I rather choose one of the three great alternatives, that I have found? 

So, what do you get for the money? First of all the best screen on any phone today. Yes, you just wanna dive into this beautiful screen and swim around in the amazing colours and experience the great sharpness on anything shown on this phone. 6,4 inch screen, Dynamic AMOLED with 2K resolution – the screen is simply fabulous .

Videos and pictures looks amazing and the gaming experience is excellent on the screen – and combined with great Dolby Atmos  and AKG sound this is a great gaming machine.

Its also a nicely build phone with glass and aluminium – and it comes in some pretty nice and pretty sensational colours like Prism white, black, green and blue and the nice looking ceramic black and white.

After the Note 7 batterygate Samsung  was a bit reluctant to up the ante on battery life, but they finally crossed the 4000 milli amp hours line with S10+ – the battery on the phone is with 4.100 milli amp hours – awesome. With normal use most people should get up to two days of usage before charging.

However, it’s a bit dissapointing that the quick charger is only with 15 watt – even much cheaper phones have more powerful chargers. Rumours have it though that Samsung is on its way with a 25 w charger to the s10+. Anyways: Today it takes around one and a half hour to charge the phone from 0-100 percent.

A great feature when talking about battery – it got reverse charging so it can charge other products with wireless charging on the go. That is actually a pretty neat function.

I have been a big fan of the camera in Samsungs latest high end phones. The colours and sharpness are great and the S10+ takes great pictures in the dark and the ultra wide function is an awesome feature. Its no surprise that the S10+ has the best camera so far in a Samsung branded phone and it’s at the same time one of the top 3 best camera phones at all.

A nice feature is shut suggestions that gives you advise to how to take the best picture. If you are looking for a great selfie phone then the s10+ is actually the best. It takes some amazing selfies, both pictures and videos with the dual camera on the front.

The video camera got tracking auto focus which keep the camera focused on the selected subject even when it moves – also when it moves out of the viewer and back again. For some extra amusement and effect the camera can record videos in super slow motion with 960 frames per second. Not a unique function for a phone but it works pretty nice on s10+

Finally – the antenna quality. Its not as good as on the previous Galaxy S9 models but its still much better than on the newest iPhones and some what better than on the new competitor Huawei P30 Pro.

If you are in doubt: the lower sar value the better

The price for Galaxy S10+ starts from around a 1.000 dollars or about 900 euros. It is pricey for a phone but you do get some extra nice stuff on this phone that you don’t get anywhere else.

But – its not a flawless phone.

The user interface is new . Samsung calls it One UI. It is very fast but It’s also supposed to make it easier to use phones with big screens with mainly visual improvements – actually this is only the case a few places in the phone so in daily use it’s not that big a benefit and I’m not a big fan of the colours for the icons in the UI.

As mentioned -the charger in the box is not powerfull enough. The fingerprint scanner under the screen is still not as great as a more traditional fingerprint scanner on a dedicated button.

Finally: It is a big phone because of the big 6,4 inch screen – if you don’t like big phones this is no good for you.

Ok, let’s sum up. Screen, camera, battery life, navigation speed, gaming experience – all among the best possible on a phone + and good antenna quality makes this an amazing phone.Is it worth the price? Well, not really actually, but on the other hand – I just know that if you buy it you will love it. And I guess that makes it worth buying…



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