Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB - Test, Evaluation & Price

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB – Test, Review & Evaluation.

My name is Stein Jürgen and I have tested and evaluated the Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB on September 16, 2019.

Besides ratings the table also shows the current price level of Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB which is; 1220 USD or 1040 EUR.

I have rated Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB on ten different quality parameters; Design & materials, user-friendliness, battery, antenna, camera, display, user interface, data speed, gaming experience and conversation quality.

For each quality parameter, I have awarded a rating between 0 and 10, 10 being the best. The overall evaluation of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB is calculated to an overall evaluation of 80 /100.

In addition to my evaluations of the various quality parameters, you can also read the phone’s SAR Value and the current price level.

Overall evaluation:

80 / 100

Price Level:

$ 1220 / € 1040

Price comparison of Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB

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Review of Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB

Design and Materials 9/10(Very good) User-friendliness 9/10(Very good)
Display 8/10(Good) Camera & Video 10/10(Outstanding)
Data Speed 10/10(Outstanding) Gaming Experience 7/10(Above average)
Voice Quality 6/10(Average) Battery Life 7/10(Above average)
Navigation Speed 10/10(Outstanding) Antenna Quality 7/10(Above average)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB has a price tag of appriximately USD 1220 or EUR 1040 and is ranked among the best phones on the market. See current Top 30 best cell phones on the market.

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My review of Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB is based on criteria that I follow as objective as possible. Learn more about me and my evaluation criteria.
/Stein Jürgen


The Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB generally offers high quality for the price and can be a good buy for the quality-conscious consumer.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB can be a particularly good alternative for those looking for good quality in terms of; Design and Materials, User-friendliness, Camera & Video, Navigation Speed and Data Speed

Compare cell phones based on your own quality criteria.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB: Emission (SAR Value)

The EU’s recommended upper limit is 2W/kg.

The SAR value for Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB is 0.99W/kg, which is lower than the EU’s upper limit.

Mobile phones for children: The lower the SAR Value, the better according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). For children we only recommend phones with SAR Values that are less than 0.75W/kg.

See also: Mobile phones with low SAR values.